T Love has studied various energy therapy modalities including Reiki, Quantum Touch, Theta Healing, Reconnective Healing and vibrational sound therapy.

T incorporates the use of quartz crystal singing bowls into all of her energy therapy treatments in her private practice.

In group settings T performs quartz crystal singing bowl healing music concerts throughout the northeast for various groups, organizations, churches, colleges, corporations and private events. For those who are not able to attend a concert, her CD, Imagine, is a recording of quartz crystal singing bowl healing music for in-home use. Her second healing music CD, The Healing Sounds of Christmas, is played on a quartz crystal harpe.

The American Psychiatric Association has recognized and acknowledges that talk therapy is not enough — energy therapy plays a huge role in both attaining and maintaining optimum mental, emotional and spiritual health. As both a certified positive psychology and energy psychology practitioner T provides her clients and patients with the tools they need to reach, and stay, in optimum health.

As a labyrinth facilitator and certified meditation and break-work facilitator, she teaches various workshops in the 50', 7-circuit labyrinth that is also available for use by her clients prior to or immediately following an energy therapy treatment.

An advocate and educator of natural health, T is a writer and contributing editor for various spiritual and health and wellness magazines. As one of only a few certified therapists to blend all of these areas together in her private practice, she is often called upon to speak as an expert advisor on TV and radio regarding Energy Therapy, Sound Therapy, Positive and Energy Psychology and Living a Healthy Life. She was featured in a documentary on music and sound therapy produced by Tree House Sound.